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Starting up? Expanding? Or maybe it's time for a makeover?

Whatever the reason, Witch And The Wolf is here to put your business first with our array of dedicated solutions. Logos, web design, videos, animation and more.

We offer complete branding and marketing packages, user experiences and enhanced document abilities to give your business the edge it deserves - and anticipate when and where your customers will be.


Welcome to Witch And The Wolf.

It's a way of life.

We're changing web design.


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Inspired by adventure. Bespoke approaches to design. 

Creator of enticing events. Supporter of the community. 

Experimenters. Travelers. Dreamers. Independent.

We are ready. We are Witch And The Wolf.

More advanced features. More customisation. More client control. Faster loading times.

Those are just some of the upgrades to our web services now available - including fancy SEO capabilities to get your ideas into the world.

Animation. Animate amazing.

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Give yourself a true edge with animation. Covering 2D and 3D approaches, the possibilities are truly endless.

Give your logo a moving identity to stamp your work with, deliver your fans an innovative lyrical video, or be a character in a full feature.

Every side is your best side.

Get beautiful photos shot, edited and published for your best moments or your most important events.

With the latest in photo and graphic editing tools, not even the sky can limit the imagination.

Let's go!

Changing providers to our new partners in crime.

As you may have noticed, our website has gone through quite a change. Not only that, but our web services have all been given a massive upgrade.

Read about our new journey going forward with PageCloud.

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The gift of something creative and original.

Coming soon.

Yep, soon we will do gift cards. We'll also do merchandise, tickets to our events, and some other neat stuff.

Coming 2020 at the Store.

Events to inspire and entertain.

We're working on making some great events to give entertainment to all of your senses.

Keep an eye on our events calendar to see what we've got coming up.

Let's make something great.

Calling all businesses, future thinkers and inspirers.

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